Respect Authority



Respect Authority is a pipe dream. It’s actually the Let’s-drill-our-way-through-Alaska of pipe dreams. It’s a series of stellar ideas, unified under an ironic name and backed by the idealistic hope that, in this age of anyone-can-be-someone Internet sensations, this particular witty pop culture blog will somehow claw its way through the dozens (millions?) of other such blogs covering the same topics with similar gusto.

Except Respect Authority’s claws are made of sarcasm.

And also braided hair from the last living unicorn. Look, I’ve met him and he is mean.

Born in a dorm room over illegal substances and fueled ever since by a nonstop barrage of hot topics (political elections, entertainment industry trends, low-brow game shows) — and once again, illegal substances — Respect Authority is a home for the new, the strange, the hilarious, and the utterly relevant. But with an enthusiastic team of youthful yet jaded staff writers, plus a decidedly never-ending supply of targets for mockery, this particular pipe dream might actually save the world.


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