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Has SNL Stopped Sucking?!

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The short answer: not entirely. Since it’s on on Saturday nights, when pretty much nothing else is, and since I have DVR, which means my standards for television are markedly lower than most people’s, I’m actually one of about three people that’s been watching Saturday Night Live in its entirely for the last few years. I had high hopes for this season; after all, the current political environment means comedy shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report are flourishing. With a week to prepare each episode (and lately, two weeks, since SNL seems to show a rerun every other weekend), I figured they might be able to knock it out of the park.

Well, not quite. As always, it’s hit or miss. For every well-written adaptation of a weekly news topic, there’s some awkward and half-formed skit that you can just tell seemed funny at 2 a.m. on a Thursday, after 12 hours of work and eight cups of coffee each. Also, I fucking hate Gilly. I HATE HER. Learn to edit yourselves, SNL writers.

So here’s my suggestion: Every week, the group should prepare a 90-minute show, as SNL currently is, and then on Thursday or Friday, knock it back to an hour. Seriously, one hour. One musical performance (i.e. one song) and fewer skits. In 2010, unless it’s a movie, there are very few shows I’m willing to devote more than an hour to (i.e. none). Project Runway, a longtime favorite, is also currently suffering from the delusion that I want to watch 90 minutes each week, and so I’ve found myself fast-forwarding through entire conversations (as well as all weighty pauses before and during elimination rounds) to cut it back down to 60.

Listen TV, you’re surviving, and I’m happy for you. The Internet hasn’t killed you off yet. But our attention spans are getting shorter, or at least mine is. Learn to cull the self-indulgent and keep it snappy.

So here be my curated favorites from SNL this week (So I’m partial to fake commercials. Deal with it).


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